Meanwhile on Lethantis II.

Hey Folks, time for an update what is going on these days :) I. Items Maybe the most important step: our item database is now finished. It was a lot of crawling and manual adjusting necessary but now we are able to provide a clean item database. Nearly 6000 items, all from classic era and just stuff that dropped BEFORE Shrouded Isles was released. We added a very few handpicked items from SI to the database manually, for example the 4x Resists Necklace, but thats it. Everything else is (re)set to old classic stats, even drops that have been changed later on. We are really proud to provide this :) We also started to create droptemplates for all mobgroups, at the moment it is a mix of our random loot generator and already created drop templates but over the next months we plan to create the original templates for ALL existing mobs. No worries, this isnt something that slows down the release, this can be done step by step even after release. II. Defense Penetration Also done! Many hours of testing & adjusting behind us, we managed to implement "defpen" to our damage formulas and the results looks promising :) III. World Bosses & regular Mobs Dragons, Legion & all the other world bosses are finished and need to be tested now. Therefor we will start our open beta soon and place those mobs in rotation into our i50 testing battleground. As we always try to create a more dynamic mob population we also enhanced their behaviour. For example: Bring a friend, scripts for named mobs, random poisoned weapons for rogue mobs and many more things that we dont wanna reveal for now. Surprise surprise! :) IV. Business as usual - slightly decreased miss rates for casters to even the "tankalot" setting, some kind of caster love. needs to be tested - more implemented keep bonuses. needs to be tested - base debuffs scaling with spec - correct magic resists debuffs for 1.65 - stat debuffs for pets & mobs and a lot of smaller bugfixes... Thanks, Lethantis Team

Great News!

Hi folks, Today we want to share some really interesting news. After some discussions and meetings Broadsword will announce a cooperation with Dark Age of Camelot Freeshard service Lethantis. Dark Age of Camelot Classic data and much more will be shared by Broadsword. Broadsword is very interested in our vision for Lethantis. We as Lethantis Team are very thankful and proud of our very good contacts to in the game industry and to Broadsword Entertainment. In the next weeks we will discuss possibility to become a official partner of Broadsword. Dark Age of Camelot Lethantis Servers will stay Free to Play and without any need to invest real money! For more information visit: Stay tuned for the things to come! We are very excited! :) Lethantis Team   Of course, this was an april fool. Sorry for that! But no April fool are the next steps on Lethantis Classic. Stay tuned! :)

Easter Update!

Hey all, Scarlett here, Sevytha is busy.. she's got her head stuck in a server somewhere.. So she's asked me to write an update of what is happening recently in Lethantis. It may have seemed that we were quiet, but there's been plenty of work going on behind the scenes.  There's a new forum format, and we're working on an online bug tracker, so that you can actually follow the progress of any issues that are reported.  We've locked Fluse and Fendig in the code room, and they have been busy little bees.  The PVE server is well underway and will be open for public testing very soon, possibly in the next two to three weeks.  World bosses have been being implemented with both custom and our unique Lethantis code! I am working up a series of quests and events for the playerbase, whilst all the devs and admins do their bits.. so you can see that we've all been beavering away.  However... there's more! In the realms of Camelot, there are hushed whispers.  Words spoken in undertones in crowded taverns, seasoned adventurers shivering with their fear.  It is said that in the caves of Cruachan a mighty threat has spawned deep from the fiery pits of hell, tales abound of once-brave adventurers staggering from the caves, a shell of their former rugged selves, driven now quite insane, gibbering words of demons and the undead spewing from their terrified lips.  This is a threat that only the bravest adventurers can stop.  Is this you? Can you be the hero of the tri-realms and quell the threat? Yes.. there's a new dungeon, dripping with bonus exp and loot.. come test it out! We've also implemented a bonus to RP throughout the world map. What has been changed: • All 6 dungeons are open • XP and RP Bonuses in all zones • Broadcast now visible through all zones • Teleporter npcs now can port you to emain New Dungeon Cave of Cruachan • XP Bonus: 100% • RP Bonus 30% • BP Bonus 30% • Coin Bonus 30% • Dragon Items Come on by.. we're looking forward to seeing you. The Lethantis Team

Meanwhile on Lethantis

Greetings! There we are, back again two weeks later, finally with a regular website :) What happened meanwhile: Well first of all i have to admit something stupid happened to our forum two weeks ago. Bad things happen, parts of the database have been crashed and been lost. Sorry for that, from now on we use a double backup system to prevent things like that. But no worries, all player accounts are still working and are available in forum and ingame as before, all bugreports had been transferred to our bugtracker anyway. So more or less just the funny trashtalk is lost :) Anyway, our "new" forum is set up and ready to go now, sorry again for this issue. Fixing known bugs continued as before, there is light at the end of the tunnel meanwhile. If you want to have a number i hope around 40% overall finished sounds good enough. Our Herald is also on a good way and will be shown public during the next time. And our public bugtracker will be available in a few days, can be simply used with the forum/game accounts then. What will happen: Our PvP server gets a new bugfix update, an event dungeon and some exp/rp boost for the easter weekend. Maybe enough to revive it a bit :) The classic shard will also be available soon again for beta testing with our i50/rr8 Battleground available. We planned to test our bossmobs also in that battleground, dragons, legion and other known worldbosses. They seemed working fine as we did some testruns but ofc public tests are more valuable. Stay tuned!    

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Lethantis Classic

Our goal is to provide a Classic Dark Age environment and feeling for you! All classic races and classes will be playable. Shrouded Islands, Trials of Atlantis, Catacombs and Labyrinth of the Minotaur races and classes will be not playable. We are aiming for patch target 1.69 (class abilities, styles and spells). The world will include all Classic, old Epic and old Frontier zones. Darkness Falls and Old Frontier RvR Dungeons will be available too. Shrouded Islands, Trials of Atlantis, Catacombs and Labyrinth of the Minotaur will be not implemented.

Lethantis PvP

Lethantis PvP is a custom server with an unique world map. It combines all three old frontier zones to one. All classic races and classes are playable. We are aiming for patch target 1.69 (class abilities, styles and spells).   parch1_DRAGON

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